Short Stack: HP deal, OpenStack Community, Defcore, Containers

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short stack_b small.jpgWelcome to the Short Stack, our weekly feature where we search for the most intriguing OpenStack links to share with you. These links may come from traditional publications or company blogs, but if it’s about OpenStack, we’ll find the best links we can to share with you every week.

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Here we go with this week’s links:

Deutsche Bank pens cloudy infrastructure deal with HP | The Register

HP announces a 10-year, multi-billion dollar deal with Deutsche Bank that will outsource much of the bank’s IT infrastructure.  Deutsche Bank plans on using HP’s Helion private cloud to buy data centre services on demand, allowing them to cut cost and move to a modern, agile technology platform. 


DefCore isn’t a punk band, but if you use OpenStack, listen up | Superuser Blog

Russell Bryant, from Red Hat, discusses OpenStack as a global community and the importance of real time communication and role models within the Community.  He also shares his thoughts on the success of OpenStack and why DefCore matters.


Integrating OpenStack and Kubernetes with Murano | Mirantis Blog

OpenStack and Docker are two dominant technologies that provide users with scalability and automation.  Recently, Google integrated the Kubernetes container management application with the OpenStack Application Catalog, Murano.  With this powerful combination, users will be able to easily create a scalable Kubernetes application within minutes.


Open technologies are driven by open user communities | IBMOpenTech

Open source is all about people coming together from around the world, to collaborate on a common goal, to solve shared problems.  The growth of the OpenStack Community has been impressive over the last year and the Community involvement has been important to their success.  Two great ways to improve community collaboration is through social media and Meetups. 


Everyone’s going container crazy | NetworkWorld

Big players like IBM, Google, and Mirantis are now supporting and enabling container technology capabilities in their open source cloud platform.  Mirantis is partnering with Google to provide OpenStack users container technology that will allow developers to seamlessly move entire environments between private and public clouds.  



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