Laying Down OpenStack Cinder Block Storage with Platform9 And SolidFire

Author: kenhui
Source: Planet OpenStack


We at Platform9 have received incredibly positive responses to our recent partnership announcement with SolidFire to integrate their all-flash enterprise storage with our Cloud management-as-a-Service solution. In a previous post, I discussed the use cases for block storage in a cloud platform such as OpenStack. I also walked through the various options for deploying Cinder block storage in OpenStack and why Platform9 chose to work with SolidFire as their first storage partner. In this post, I recently publish another blog post that provides more details on how Platform9 integrates with SolidFire and more importantly, how we are making it a first-class managed solution in Platform9. If you are interested in learning more, I encourage you to read that blog post here.

If you will be at the OpenStack Summit in Tokyo and am interested in learning more about the Cinder project, I encourage you to attend a session that Platform9 and SolidFire will be collaborating on called “Persisting Data In Your Cloud with Cinder Block Storage.” Joining me as a session presenter will be Platform9 engineer, Arun Sriraman, and SolidFire engineer, John Griffith. As many of you may know, John is a former Cinder Project Technical Lead and is currently on that’s project’s Technical Committee. Looking forward to sharing more in the future.

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