Energy optimization of OpenStack-based cloud data center infrastructures

The Failure, part 2: Beyond OpenStack

Author: ihrachyshka Source: Planet OpenStack This post is the fourth in a series that covers gratuitous ARP and its relation to OpenStack. In the previous posts, we discussed what gratuitous ARP is and how […]

TC Report 21

Author: Chris Dent Source: Planet OpenStack With the advent Thierry’s weekly status reports1 on the proposals currently under review by the TC and the optionality of the weekly TC meetings, […]

RDO Contributor Survey

Author: Rich Bowen Source: Planet OpenStack We recently ran a contributor survey in the RDO community, and while the participation was fairly small (21 respondants), there’s a lot of important […]

Fixing Bug 96869

Author: Adam Young Source: Planet OpenStack Bug 968696 The word Admin is used all over the place. To administer was originally something servants did to their masters. In one of […]