Energy optimization of OpenStack-based cloud data center infrastructures

Reviews for RDO packages

Author: Adam Young Source: Planet OpenStack We are in the process of getting the docs straightened out for reviewing RDO packages. As we do, I want to record what I […]

HP Enterprise splits again

Author: Nick Chase Source: Planet OpenStack The post HP Enterprise splits again appeared first on Mirantis | The Pure Play OpenStack Company. HP Enterprise has announced that it will spin […]

What’s new in Mitaka for Hyper-V

Author: Claudiu Belu Source: Planet OpenStack As you may already know, OpenStack Mitaka has been recently released. It has been quite an eventful cycle, full of new features, increased performance […]


Author: hugh Source: Planet OpenStack Introduction Welcome to Last week on OpenStack Dev (“Lwood”) for the week just past. For more background on Lwood, please refer here. Basic Stats for week […]