Energy optimization of OpenStack-based cloud data center infrastructures

Cloudy Sysadmin Wanted

Author: Jon Proulx Source: Planet OpenStack This is the down & dirty, the position isn’t posted yet and this is the description our technical team has worked up so far […]

Subnetpools in Neutron

Author: Kyle Mestery Source: Planet OpenStack One of the most interesting new features in Neutron for the Kilo release is the addition of subnetpools to the API. This work was […]

Dealing with deps in OpenStack

Author: rbtcollins Source: Planet OpenStack We’ve got a problem in OpenStack.. dependency management. In this post I explore it as input to the design summit session on this in Vancouver. […]

Geocaching in Vancover

Author: rbowen Source: Planet OpenStack Coming to the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver? Like Geocaching? It looks like there’s a lot of caches around the summit location. This map shows the […]